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Best Unlimited Graphic Design Service in the Philippines
Unlimited Graphic Design

Best Unlimited Graphic Design Service in the Philippines

Pierluigi Giglio
April 1, 2023

If you are looking to outsource graphic design tasks, finding an unlimited graphic design service in the Philippines might be a smart move.

In fact, the Philippines is a country with a low cost of living and English is widely spoken throughout the nation, so you will have no problem communicating clearly with your designers.

However, there are some considerations that need to be made, which we will discuss later in this article.

First of all though, we will give you a list of some of the top unlimited graphic design agencies that we could find in the Philippines, so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

What is an unlimited graphic design agency?

An unlimited graphic design agency offers an unlimited number of design requests for a fixed monthly fee.

These companies can be either run by solopreneurs that decided to productise their business or, most commonly, companies with teams of designers (usually hired overseas) that will help you with any design need you might have.

Projects include logo designs, social media graphics, web design, presentation design and much more.

By subscribing to one of these plans you remove the hassle of having to find freelancers, navigate through proposals for each design project or having to keep counting the hours that a designer might (or might not) bill you every week.

It represents an easier solution for clients that need work on a recurring basis, although we want to emphasise that it’s not a one-size-fits all solution for everyone.

You will need to weight the pros and cons of this option compared to the more “traditional” design offerings based on your specific business needs.

The Best Unlimited Graphic Design services in the Philippines


The first unlimited graphic design agency based in the Philippines that we want to talk about is Keyeicon.com.

This agency represents an interesting choice for anyone looking for a team composed of highly skilled designers, developers, and digital marketers who create stunning, custom designs for websites, mobile apps, and much more for businesses across a range of industries.

Keyeicon.com's focus on user experience and creativity sets them apart from other design agencies.

They also offer a three-tier pricing plan so that you can decide which one is more appropriate for your needs based on the amount of design work you need on a weekly basis.

As we looked through various review sites on the web and based on clients' comments, it seems like Keyeicon.com has a track record of exceeding clients' expectations with their high-caliber work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Flexible Monthly Plans
  • Slack Communication
  • Structured Design


Snapshot of Roc.ph official website

As we search for unlimited design agencies in the Philippines, one of the agencies that immediately comes up in the SERPs is Roc.ph.

Roc is an unlimited graphic design agency based in the Philippines, and from the website, we can see that they specialize in graphic design, web design, and also offer web consultation and virtual assistant services.

The team is made up of designers, developers, digital marketers, and general VAs, and they cater to teams of all sizes.

From what we managed to read online, they have a reputation for offering quality work and ensuring that each project they undertake meets their clients' needs and exceeds their expectations.

They also seem to offer their services to a range of industries, as on their portfolio page, we can see projects that range from retail to hospitality, healthcare, and finance.

They are also active in the design community, and in 2020, they received the Top Digital Agency Award at the Philippines' Web Awards.

As mentioned previously, they also offer non-design related services, such as search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Their website includes client endorsements that highlight their professionalism, knowledge, and top-notch client care.


Happy2help.ph is another unlimited design agency based in the Philippines. Similar to Roc.ph, they provide services such as branding, web design, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Happy2Help's team is made up of designers, developers, and digital marketers who collaborate to develop distinctive and captivating digital experiences.

Based on the reviews that we found online, Happy2Help.ph seems to be known for their customer-focused philosophy. They ensure that they fully understand their clients' goals and KPIs in order to tailor their services to meet their clients’ needs.

Their work spans across various fields, including hospitality, real estate, fashion, and education. They have also received several web design and branding awards, giving extra reassurance to potential clients that they are knowledgeable and experienced.

One key feature of their service is that they not only offer design services, but also training and consulting to help their clients improve their internal processes and SOPs.

Client endorsements that highlight the firm's professionalism, creativity, and commitment to delivering results can be found on their website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • No hidden fees
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Dedicated designer
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 24-hour project turnaround
  • Cancel anytime

Should You Hire Designers from the Philippines?

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of some of the most popular unlimited design companies in the Philippines, we should point out some of the pros and cons of outsourcing your design endeavors overseas:

✅ Pros:

One of the main reasons to consider hiring in the Philippines is that it can be cost-effective for your business, since the cost of living for designers is lower.

In addition, there are talented designers in the Philippines who are knowledgeable about modern design techniques. In fact, Filipino designers have a reputation for their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to work within strict deadlines.

Plus, English is widely spoken, so you won’t encounter communication issues that you might have with non-English speakers from other countries.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for Filipinos to have experience working with international clients, since the language factor gives them an advantage in this regard.

❌ Cons:

One thing to keep in mind from the start is that time zone differences can make communication and collaboration more difficult, since there is little overlap with US or EU business working hours. In addition, it's important to remember that you often get what you pay for, so it’s unreasonable to expect exceptional design solutions for small amounts of money.

As a general rule of thumb, if you hire designers at the low end of the pricing spectrum, you’ll likely receive more “visual designs” rather than “design thinking” solutions.

Also, some Filipino designers may be unfamiliar with the newest design tools and technologies.

If the company does not have a solid system in place to track the work of remote designers, quality control could become a problem.

In general, businesses looking for affordable and good design services may find that hiring designers from the Philippines is a good option.

However, it's crucial to establish transparent communication and quality control procedures to take into account the risks and challenges that could arise.

Looking for High-Quality Unlimited Graphic Design?

If you are looking for a EU-based design agency that works with US time zones, we at Giglio Designs can help. We are a niche business based in Portugal with over 10 years of experience working with clients internationally, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to businesses that need to raise their first round of funding.

You can check out our Portfolio here and we are excited to chat about your business endeavors over a discovery call.

About the Author:

Pierluigi Giglio is the Lead Designer and Founder of Giglio Designs, an unlimited design agency that focuses on Product and Digital Design. He has over 10 years of experience working in the field with clients that range from large enterprises to small and medium sized businesses. With a social media following of over 100000 students between his Youtube channel, Udemy, Instagram and Dribbble, he is an active member of the design community and has a deep passion for this very subject.

Pierluigi Giglio

Sr. UI/UX Designer and Consultant with over 10+ years of experience working with Fortune 500, large enterprises and funded startups. Having worked on hundreds upon hundreds of design projects, collaborated with 40+ clients from all around the world and taught design to thousands of students I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the design community and help other become better designers.

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