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How to Open a Figma File

Importing files in Figma is essential because it allows designers to work together smoothly, use existing designs and assets, and create high-quality designs for various platforms.

It makes the design process much more smooth and helps maintain consistency in design work. It's like having a toolkit that allows designers to collaborate, reuse, and create with ease.

That’s why it’s important to know how to import these files from different platforms to Figma. So we will be discussing how to open new Figma files, .fig files, Sketch files, and Adobe XD files.

All these are in Figma, so you learn how to make your design process between design software much easier and smoother. 

How to open a .fig file 

Currently, the only software that supports .fig files is Figma itself. This can be partly because the .fig file format is proprietary and may change in the future. 

There are third-party apps or even online .fig file viewers that can open Figma files, but there is a chance they may not be able to properly read these files. So for now, it is better to stick to Figma to open .fig files.

How to open a Figma file

There are two methods for opening .fig files in Figma.

First method: File importer

1. Go to Figma’s file browser. That’s the page where you can see all your drafts, recent projects, etc.

2. Click the Import option from the top right corner of the site.


3. Import the file from your device.

Second method: Drag & drop the files

1. Choose where you want to import the file.

This could be in your drafts or a specific Figma file that already exists. That entirely depends on where you want your imported file to be. 

2. Choose the file you will import. The file could be anywhere on your device. 

If the file you want to import to your project is already in your drafts, you will need to download it. To do this, follow the path Main Menu > File > Save local copy.

Save local copy to device

3. Drag and Drop the selected file to Figma.

Drag & drop

4. Wait until the import process has ended.

Import finished

Now the .fig file is in your drafts/project.

How to open a .sketch file in Figma

Figma has its own feature that allows you to import Sketch files, without needing any plugins or third-party apps.

There are also two methods for importing .sketch files to Figma.

First method: Use the file importer from Figma’s file browser. Here, you can navigate and import your .sketch files from any location on your device.

File importer

Second method: Open a Figma project, and follow the path: Main Menu > File > New from Sketch file

Import from Sketch file

Both these methods will successfully import Sketch files from your device to your Figma canvas.

How to open a .xd file in Figma

Figma doesn’t yet have a feature that allows you to import Adobe XD files within the software. However, there are useful licensed Figma plugins that will do the job.

To import a .xd file in Figma, you will need the Figma plugin Convertify. Simply visit the link, and click Try it out. Log in to your Figma account if that is necessary.

When you run the plugin, this tab will show up:

Convertify plugin

Change the option from the default Export Figma to EPS for print > Import Adobe XD to Figma.

Import from Adobe XD

Now you can manually import, or drag and drop your .xd files from any location in your device.

This feature is still in BETA, but can be pretty reliable!

We hope this article helped you correctly import and open your files in Figma!

If you want to learn more about Figma, our website has plenty of free guides and articles you can read. Feel free to check them out!

Pierluigi Giglio

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