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Top 9 Best Figma Mockup Plugins

Top 9 Best Figma Mockup Plugins

If you want to present your Figma design projects in the best possible way, check out these amazing mockups plugins 👌

Pierluigi Giglio
September 24, 2023

In this article I will share with you some of my favourite figma mockup plugins that I use on a weekly basis.

As a designer, I know how important mockups are to showcase and sell your ideas to stakeholders or make a design project in your portfolio stand out.

And the good news is that within a simple google search you can find tons of mockup solutions and plugins for your figma projects.

However, many of them entail time-consuming workflows or simply won't give you the pixel-perfect results that you are looking for.

So, after working for over a decade in the design industry, I decided to create this guide, where I will share with you what I think are the Top 7 Figma Mockup plugins available at the moment.

Are you ready to get started? Let's go!

The Best FREE Figma Mockup Plugins

In the sections below I will share with you some of the very best figma mockup plugins.

Some of these plugins are 100% Free. Others have Free features, as well as premium ones, if you wish to bring your mockup game to the next level:

Mockup by Ls.graphics

This has to be one of my absolute favourite Figma plugins ever.

Mockup allows you to browse through thousands of well-crafted design mockups (including clay mockups) and the process of adding them into your design files is extremely simple: just select the mockup, then select layers of your project and the tool will merge them together, giving you a preview of the final result in seconds!

If you want to add mockups the quick and easy way, this is the plugin for you.

Artboard Studio mockups

As designers, one of the issues we face most often while searching for mockups is that the process is tedious and time-consuming.

Well, that's where Artboard Studio mockups comes to the rescue: this plugin offers an extensive library of mockups that are easy to integrate within your Figma projects.

Used by over 399k users with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, it's no wonder that it simply had to be part of this list in the very top positions.

Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio has been considered for years one of the best figma plugins by the design community, and for good reasons.

It offers a variety of device mockups (including clay devices) with endless levels of customisation options to accommodate your design needs.

It allows you to create mockup templates for presentations with every tiny detail you need to make your presentation look stunning, from the device style to the perfect color palette.

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in Figma community, you know this plugin will surely deliver.


When we talk about mockups plugins, most of the time we think in terms of static images.

Well, let me tell you that this figma plugin will blow your mind, since it allows you to create animated mockups.

Yes, the Animocks plugin allows you to create animated mockup that will make your stakeholder's jaws drop.

And the best part about this revolutionary plugin is that it allows you to bring animation in your presentations for Free.

The workflow is simple: install the plugin (or use their official website), choose the mockup you desire in their library, import and paste your image into the mockup's background and export it.

And there you go, you now can easily generate stunning looking animated mockups to make your brand pop!

Vectary 3D Elements

If you are a designer you are probably familiar with Vectary, an online platform for creating and managing interactive 3D designs that inspire, educate and solve problems.

Well, in recent years they worked on an amazing figma mockup plugin that allows you to create pixel-perfect components for your next presentation.

This figma mockup plugin offers a vast array of mockup, including device mockups and clay mockups.

It offers a premium version as well as loads of free mockups for you to use with no charge.

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and being used by over 498k users, you know you're in for a treat!

Clay Mockups 3D

Are you searching for mockups with a clean and minimalistic look to them? If the answer is Yes, look no further.

Clay Mockups 3D allows you to create 3D clay-style models that you can use in your next figma project. It includes a variety of devices, including the latest iPhones, Pixel phones and Macs. This plugin will enable you to create and automate the creation of clean perspective mockups.

A free template is included in the main version, and they offer also a premium version to bring your figma mockups to the next level.

To discover this figma mockup plugin in more details visit the official figma community page.


As you may understand from the name of this figma plugin, Esometric allows you to easily create isometric layers & groups.

This will help you add an angle of perspective, making your Dribbble shots pop, as well as any screen you might need to showcase in a presentation or in your personal portfolio.

The interesting part of this plugin is that it uses SSR30°, which is the most popular and flexible method of creating isometric artworks.

With over 4.9/5 stars rating and over 178k users, this figma plugin is a safe choice.

Angle Mockups

If you are looking for a figma mockup plugin that allows you to customize illustrations and screens at an angle, look no further.

This plugin allows you to apply your screen designs to perspective mockups, and it's considered one of the best figma plugins out there.

It's used by over 213k people and the best part is how easy it is to create and edit a mockup with this plugin. Check out their official instructions video to learn how to use this plugin in just a few short minutes.

Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot

Altough it's not really a plugin, the Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot community file deserves a honorable mention in this list, since it allows you to create stunning Dribbble shots in a matter of minutes with the huge amount of pre-defined templates that this file has to offer.

You can easily select the mockup type out of the main Figma page and you can simply add your screen as an image: in just a few minutes you can automate the process of creating beautiful mockup shots for your very next Dribbble or social media post!

And the best part is that it's 100% Free, so you don't need to invest a single dime to bring your new Figma designs to the next level.

With an average rating of 4.8/5 stars and used by over 23.6 users, you know that it's an all times favourite by the community!

Best figma mockup plugins on Github

One of the questions we received often is which are the best figma mockup plugins on github. Although we mainly advise using plugins from the Figma community for ease of use, we can reccommend to search directly on the link belowas it will help you with finding what your are looking for:


Are plugins in Figma free?

Yes, Figma plugins are free and available via the Figma community page.

What are the advantages of using plugins in Figma?

Plugins are an easy way to improve Figma's functionality. They are able to assist in reducing the complexity of tasks, automating repetitive work.

Almost every day, the exciting Figma community provides their newest plug-in and they provides you with all the tools and capabilities needed when managing design projects between team members and enhancing and automating your design process.

Is Figma good for mockups?

Yes, Figma is an excellent tool for creating mockups due to it's large library of mockup plugins available. Gone are the days of looking for, downloading and tweaking large Psd files, since Figma enables you to streamline the process significantly.

What is the meaning of design mockup?

You can think of a design mockup as a preview or sample of how something will look, such as a website or an app. It's like a rough draft or a screen that helps people see what the final thing will be like before it's actually made. It usually entails showing the device too, such as the computer or mobile phone.

How to use a mockup in Figma?

Using a mockup in Figma is a very easy process, and nowadays it usually entails using a mockup plugin.

Simply open you design file and download from the figma community one of the mockup plugins that we previously mentioned in this article, and then follow the instructions of the plugin that you will see on the screen (or on their official instructional video).

You will then be able to add a mockup in your figma files in just a matter of minutes, so that you can impress stakeholders and team members with your next presentation!

In Conclusion

We hope that this article helped you find the perfect mockup to insert in your design project!

If you want to learn more about Figma, feel free to check out our other articles on the topic.

Pierluigi Giglio

Sr. UI/UX Designer and Consultant with over 10+ years of experience working with Fortune 500, large enterprises and funded startups. Having worked on hundreds upon hundreds of design projects, collaborated with 40+ clients from all around the world and taught design to thousands of students I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the design community and help other become better designers.

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