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How to Share a Figma Prototype without an Account

How to Share a Figma Prototype without an Account

In this article we'll explain how to share a Figma prototype without an account in three easy steps.

Pierluigi Giglio
September 22, 2023

If you’re on this page you’re probably wondering how to share a figma prototype without an account.

This essentially means sharing the prototype without having a user required to sign in to Figma, which used to be somewhat tricky, but nowadays is quite an easy thing to do.

Sharing a Figma prototype without an account

Based on my personal experience and also on what I’ve been reading in the official Figma forum recently, any person that does have access to the Figma file can easily share a prototype link with other users.

You will simply need to open your Figma file and click on the Present Prototype icon in the top right hand corner:

Present Prototype

Once you are viewing the Prototype you intend to share, click on the Share prototype button:

Share Prototype

Now, simply add the email of the users you intend to share this prototype with or, alternatively, click on the Copy link text to have a shareable link which you can easily share via Slack, Email or your favourite project management tool.

Add Email or Share link

You did it! Now you know how to share a Figma prototype to a user that doesn’t have an account (or that simply hasn’t signed in).

Sharing a file with a non-Figma user

With a very similar workflow, you can even share the design file with a non-figma user.

The process is very similar and it entails the following steps.

1. Open the design file (Figma or FigJam) that you intend sharing:

Open Figma file

2. Press the Share button in the top right hand corner:

Share button

3. Add Emails or copy the shareable link (anyone with the link will be able to view this file):

Add Emails or Share Link

4. Set “View” or “Edit” permissions, based on the restrictions you want to assign.

View and Edit Permissions

5. Share the link or click on the Share button.

What is a Figma Prototype?

A Figma prototype allows you to create a live preview of a website or app without having to write a single line of code.

It allows designers, team members and stakeholders to see how a design project will look when it’s coded, without having to invest the time and resources for development work.

It’s a great way to achieve proof of concept in the early stage of a website or app project.

And the best thing is that with Figma, creating a solid prototype is a fast and easy process.

We hope that this article was useful, if you want to learn more about Figma prototypes and other features of this design tool feel free to check our videos on YouTube or our recent articles on this design tool.

Pierluigi Giglio

Sr. UI/UX Designer and Consultant with over 10+ years of experience working with Fortune 500, large enterprises and funded startups. Having worked on hundreds upon hundreds of design projects, collaborated with 40+ clients from all around the world and taught design to thousands of students I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the design community and help other become better designers.

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